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by Dr. Rachida Nachat-Kappes, PhD
My resume

Skills: Cell biology, Skin biology, Physiology and pathologies of the epidermis, Skin Barrier function, Skin Hydration, Cosmetics, Cosmetic Claims, Active Ingredient, Cell Imaging, Microbiome, Stem Cells, Nutrition, Cancer, in vitro and in vivo assays, teaching, training, popular science, writing …

I’m the author and co-author of several publications available here.

Since 2016

-Independent Scientific consultant for cosmetic industry
– Scientific journalist for EXPRESSION COSMETIQUE
– Scientific Education and Popularization


R&D project manager at GREENTECH.
Development of new innovative active cosmetic ingredients.

– Design, organization and planning of research projects
– Identification of innovative biological concepts
– Set up and analysis of
 in vitro and clinical studies
– Presentation and development of projects (writing of scientific publications, activity reports, technical documents, funding applications, oral communications, posters, folders / marketing sheets … in French and in English)
– Development and animation of collaborations with academic and private laboratories (CRO)


Postdoctoral researcher in UMR1019 INRA-UdAECRIN Team (Micro-Cellular Environment, Immunomodulation and Nutrition), Prof. Marie-Paul Vasson (Clermont-Ferrand, France) and Prof. Samar Basu (Uppsala University, Sweden).

« Nutrition, well-being and breast cancer development. Role of inflammation and eicosanoids in breast cancer »

October 2008-October 2010

Associate Professor of Universities in Cell Biology: 
University-hospital service of Prof. Guy Serre, UMR-5165 CNRS-Université Paul Sabatier, Laboratory of Cell Biology and Cytology, Purpan Hospital, Toulouse

Research projects:

« Roles of GTPase Rab11 in the regulation of trafficking and body secretion epidermal lamellae in reconstructed epidermal models overexpressing Rab11 using retroviral infection »

Hospital activity:
Set up of the prostate cancer diagnostic test « PROGENSA-PCA3 » from Gen-Probe (Hospitals of Toulouse)

Cellular Biology teaching, Faculty of Medicine of Purpan and Rangueil (Toulouse)

January 2006-October 2008:

Post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Pr. Fiona Watt (Epithelial Cell Biology Laboratory, Cancer Research UK, London and Cambridge, UK).
Research projects:

1- « Analysis of mice deficient for three genes coding for precursors of the horny envelope: envoplakine, involucrine and periplakine (triple KO) »

2- « Analysis of the susceptibility of « triple knockout » mice to the development of cutaneous papillomas and carcinomas following carcinogenesis induced by topical application of DMBA and TPA »

3- « Characterization and functional studies of kazrine, a new member of the periplakin family »


PhD student position in the Department of “Epidermal Differentiation and Rheumatoid Autoimmunity”, CNRS-UMR5165, University P. Sabatier. Scientific direction: Dr M. Simon and Pr G. Serre and in conjunction with Pierre Fabre Laboratories

“Identification and characterization of peptidylarginine deiminases in human skin: new pharmacological targets involved in the production of natural moisturizing factor and the barrier function of epidermis”.

Summer 2004

Training period organized by the Japan Society for the promotion of Science (JSPS) in the Department of Dermatology, Asahikawa Medical College, Asahikawa, Japan. Scientific direction: Dr A. Ishida-Yamamoto.

“Ultrastructural localization of peptidylarginine deiminases in human epidermis” .

June 2003

Training period in the Department of Dermatology “Human Skin and Immunity” INSERM U346/CNRS, Lyon, France. Scientific direction: Dr M. Haftek.

“Introduction and general approaches to immunogold electron microscopy”.


Training period for the fifth year university degree, Biotechnology Institute of Limoges University, France. Scientific direction: Pr M-H. Ratinaud and in conjunction with “Christian DIOR” Laboratories (LVMH Research, Laboratoires R&D).

“Effects of apoptosis regulators on normal human epidermal keratinocytes”

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