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InnovSkin revolutionizes cosmetics by placing science at the heart of its approach. We provide our clients with expert guidance to create unique cosmetics, based on cutting-edge research and in-depth expertise. Convinced of the importance of active ingredients, we prove their effectiveness through rigorous studies, helping our partners precisely meet the expectations of their users, while adhering to the highest standards of quality and ethics. At InnovSkin, innovation, creativity, and transparency guide our mission to advance with you since 2017, enriching the industry with innovative solutions.

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Our values
We are committed to placing science at the center of cosmetic innovation.

Cell and skin biology, psychobiology, cosmetic ingredients and active ingredients: our scientific experts will support you in your projects.

Scientific rigor

Essential for ensuring the reliability of results, it involves precise methodical design and objective interpretation of data.


Fundamental for developing new models and improving existing tests, innovation paves the way for more effective and precise methods.


Combines knowledge and methods from various disciplines, enriching the analysis and resolution of complex problems.

Transparency and reproducibility

Ensures that methods, data, and results are clearly communicated, facilitating verification and extension of scientific findings.

Rachida Nachat-Kappes

Rachida Nachat-Kappes
Founder of InnovSkin

PhD in Biology and Human Pathophysiology (Paul Sabatier University Toulouse III / Pierre Fabre Laboratories).

Passionate about skin biology, I have collaborated with world leaders such as Dr. Michel Simon, Prof. Fiona Watt, and Prof. Akemi Ishida-Yamamoto, and contributed to academic research projects with LVMH and Pierre Fabre Laboratories.

With a rich scientific background, I have directed my efforts towards the cosmetics industry, aiming to demonstrate the effectiveness of active ingredients.

At Greentech, I contributed to the development of several innovative actives, now widely recognized for their efficacy.

As the founder of InnovSkin, I am dedicated to transforming cosmetics through science, developing rigorous concepts for products with proven results.

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Collaborations and Partnerships

Édith Filaire

Édith Filaire

PhD in Exercise Physiology

Accreditation to Supervise Research (HDR)

University Professor (University of Orleans) and Associate Professor at the Human Nutrition Laboratory UMR 1019 (ECREIN team), UCA.

Author of over 150 international peer-reviewed scientific articles and 9 book chapters

Author of 3 patents in cosmetics

Former Scientific Director of the GREENTECH Group (Saint-Beauzire, 63)

Director of Research and Innovation at the ICARE Group (Saint-Beauzire, 63)

Leila Falcão

Leila Falcao

PhD in Food Science

Expert in Plant Extraction and Nutrition

When I see plant material, I see all the treasures that can be extracted!

Édith Filaire

I have expertise in evaluating emotions using psychobiological approaches, including the analysis of central and peripheral biomarkers, as well as in the development of active ingredients for dermo-cosmetics and nutrition.

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Édith Filaire
Leila Falcão

Leila FalcAO

The adventure began for me in Brazil where I grew up.

After completing a Master’s in Food Science, I moved to France to pursue my PhD at the Faculty of Oenology in Bordeaux. There, I experimented with and refined techniques for extracting aromas and polyphenols from grapes and wine.

Following several years in both public and private research in fine wine analysis laboratories, I joined Naturex to develop natural ingredients for the nutrition and health markets.

During this time, I worked on plant extraction and creative design to develop customized compositions at both laboratory and industrial scales. I created over 350 natural ingredients, including several multi-million-euro successes.

This led me to found Inaturals in 2018, a consulting firm specializing in the creation of 100% natural ingredients and their intellectual property protection. I also co-founded Phénix en Provence and developed an industrial upcycling platform that produces 100% natural cosmetic ingredients from tomato by-products in Provence.

Do you need to create a natural chemical composition to target a specific cosmetic or nutricosmetic claim? With the creative design of plant extraction, I can help you. Let’s connect!

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