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Custom Cosmetic Active Design: Let’s make your ideas flourish!

We support you in the creation and development of your actives and cosmetic products from the idea to the market launch.
You have a cosmetic active, but you’re unsure how to position it innovatively.

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Call upon experts in cosmetic actives and skin biology
Stand out

We help you create a positioning based on relevant and differentiating cellular mechanisms depending on the claim you’ve chosen.

Innovation starts as soon as your cosmetic active is objectified to stand out in the market.

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Rachida Nachat-Kappes
Support R&D

Development of a unique and innovative cosmetic active
Let’s create your star cosmetic active!

Want to create your next bestseller but don’t know where to start or lack the time to develop it?

Delegate your R&D!

We guide you from the design to the market launch of a unique and innovative cosmetic active.

Initially, we aim to extract the best from your raw material according to the targeted claim, whether you’re working with plants, probiotics, or microalgae.

Then, we create an innovative concept based on the cellular functioning of the skin to give your cosmetic active a unique positioning, while considering market needs.

Next, we take charge of designing the objectification study.

We select service providers, organize in vitro and ex vivo studies on original biological targets, and analyze the results to select the most compelling data.

We also organize toxicological studies to ensure the safety of the cosmetic active.

Finally, we support you in the design and execution of the clinical study, focusing on biological and psychobiological parameters. This comprehensive approach not only ensures the development of a truly unique and innovative cosmetic active, but also aligns with market demands and safety standards, positioning your product for success. Ready to turn your vision into reality? Delegate your R&D to us and let’s create your next bestseller together.

We support your marketing department

We can also support your marketing department:

In creating storytelling, posters, and product brochures.

In training your sales force on the biological mechanisms utilized by your product.

For this, we invite you to visit our dedicated services pages.

At the end of our collaboration, you’ll have an innovative cosmetic active with scientifically validated properties.

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Finished product development
Let’s create your cosmetic product

You want to create a finished product but are unsure which cosmetic active to select based on the claims you aim for.

Experts in cosmetic actives and skin biology are here to advise you!

Whether you aim to market a day cream, a night cream, a serum, or any other cosmetic product, we assist you in selecting the most suitable cosmetic actives for the claims you target.

We explore the cellular mechanisms influenced by the considered cosmetic actives and choose the most effective ones, based on our understanding of skin functioning.

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Produits finis cosmétique

Our support
Choose your claim

We support a range of claims (list is not exhaustive).







Barrière cutanée

Skin barrier

Homogénéité du teint

Even skin tone



Peau grasse à tendance acnéique

Oily, acne-prone skin

Peau sensible

Sensitive skin



Santé du cheveu et du cuir chevelu

Hair and scalp health

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